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  1. Award Winner

    Last week we were thrilled and honoured to win an award at The British Muslim Awards 2019. First and foremost we thank the Al Mighty for bestowing His infinite blessings upon us always. We would also like to thank all those who nominated us and have supported our business from the very early days to the brand it has become today. We set out to provide quality and design-led Islamic stationery and decor for the Muslim market with a mere £600 budget. Alhamdulillah we have grown the business organically without any external investments or loans and stayed away from interest (Riba). Today our products have been sold in 37 countries worldwide and we have stockists in all parts of the world. I mention all the above simply to emphasis that IT IS possible to reap the rewards of ones hard work by keeping your head down and mindset high above others. For all those small businesses out there who are working extremely hard and not necessarily seeing the rewards, my message is keep doing what you are doing and do it with passion. Insha’Allah your innovation and hard work will no doubt be recognised soon too.

  2. Islam Channel Awrads

    Alhamdulillah what an exciting month January has been for team Islamic Moments! With the grace of the Almighty we have been shortlisted for not one but two business awards this month. A few weeks ago we found out that our company has been nominated as a finalist for the 'Digital Activity of the Year' award by the British Muslim Awards and yesterday we were given further good news that we have also been shortlisted for the 'Small Business of the Year' award by Islam Channels Business awards. We would like to extend a huge thank you to all our well wishers, stockists and customers who nominated us for both awards and for your constant support and feedback.


    Dr Liam Fox Secretery of StateDr Laim Fox In converstaion with me.

    Department of International Trade

    Lancaster House aLancaster House

    Lancaster House InteriorThe interior of one of the reception rooms

    Being an export advocate for the Departmant of International Trade and working for the 'Exporting Is Great' initiative, once in a while I get invited to posh receptions. Here I am enjoying a fabulous evening at the Departmant of International Trades annual business reception held at the prestigious Lancaster House hosted by the Secretery of state, Dr Liam Fox.


  4. IMG_4774 (1)

    Alhamdulillah with the grace of Allah (SWT), once again we have been nominated as a finalist for an award, this time by the British Muslim Awards 2019. This has taken us by complete surprise and we are very humbled and grateful to all you lovely souls who have nominated us. The winners will be announce at an awards ceremony taking place in Bradford at the end of the month and team Islamic Moments would like to wish all the finalists the very best.